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Ash Wednesday at St. Peter Catholic  March 1, 2017 Mass – Communion– Ashes      7:30 am       Church  12:10 pm    at the Knight Theater – across from the Church 5:10 pm       Church 6:45 pm       Church Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Season of Lent. It is a season of penance, reflection, and fasting which prepares us […]

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Lenten Friends

Join our 2017 Lenten Small Groups series and discover the healing love of Christ.   Find a group here:  St Peter Small Groups   or contact . For those hosting a small group:  The books and DVD are in the Narthex cabinet this weekend with your name on a bag. Pope Francis challenges each of […]

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Jesuit news

The Pope’s Video   That all those who are afflicted, especially the poor, refugees, and marginalized, may find welcome and comfort in our communities. Jesuit News magazine – JESUITS_Winter_2017    See page 20 about the Office of Ignatian Spirituality updated website Statement from the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the U.S. on Trump Administration’s Executive […]

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Parish News

Start your Lent in a reflective retreat!  Saturday, March 4 our Ignatian Spirituality team guides you through a morning of contemplating Christ’s Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem.  Guided retreats will begin on March 6 morning & noon, and on March 8 evenings. All the details for registration are here –  Ignatian Lenten Retreat Make this Lent […]

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Ignatian Spirituality

Your Guide To Ignatian resources by the Jesuits: Jesuit Resources:  click this link   We offer these prayer and spirituality apps and internet sites to get you started…. The Pope App  iOS, Android  If you like the Pope, you’re gonna love this app. You can browse photo galleries of recent General Audiences and Papal events, watch video […]

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Diocesan Support Appeal

The 2017 Diocesan Support Appeal theme is  “Your every act should be done with love.”  1Cor 16:14 The purpose of the Diocesan Support Appeal (DSA) is to help provide the annual funding necessary to carry out the mission of our diocese – namely to fulfill our call to “grow ever more perfectly into a community […]

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Lent in Ignatian Spirituality

Join us for our Lenten Retreats –  registration required Opening Retreat Saturday morning March, 4, 2017 Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem Mass in the church at 8:30AM (optional), Retreat at 9:00AM in Biss Hall Guided retreats for small groups March 6 through April 5 – led by an Ignatian Spirituality team member-  Mondays & Wednesdays, see Sign […]

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Who We Are

Our Mission: Praise. Reverence. Serve. Our Vision: We welcome everyone desiring to be a disciple of Jesus. As disciples, we praise God in the liturgy and the Word, we reverence God by celebrating the sacraments, and we serve God by reaching out to and advocating for all, especially the neediest.

About the Jesuits

The Society of Jesus (Latin: Societas Iesu, S.J., SJ, or SI) is a Christian male religious order that follows the teachings of the Catholic Church. The members are called Jesuits and are also known colloquially as “God’s Marines” and as “The Company”, these being references to founder Ignatius of Loyola’s military background and members’ willingness […]

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The Jesuit Who Humiliated the Generals

National Jesuit E-News

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