Online Donations

First Time Users:  Create your secure profile

1.  Click this link  Online Donations
2.  Go to the “Create Profile” button on the right side of the page.
3.  Enter your email address (this becomes your User ID).

4.  Fill out the “Member Profile” and create a personal Password.

5.  Click on Add Transaction button to begin your donation schedule and selections.  Note: You will choose a One Time or a Monthly donation.  You may go back in to your account to make changes or additional donations, (ex.- you may make the “Sunday Offertory” a monthly donation, and then make a separate One Time donation to “Combined Missions” or “Christmas Flowers”).

6.   On the Payment Information page, you choose from what Account you want the auto-draft to be taken – Checking, Savings or Credit/Debit Card.

7.    Please fill out the Payment Information page and select “Process” button when you are ready to submit payment.  A Payment Summary will be shown on the right for your review.

8.  Verification will be sent to your email address.
For any questions regarding online transactions, please contact the parish Business Office at 704-332-2901 ext. 210.

Current Users:  Log in with your Email and Password to make changes.

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