Teen Service Week

Summer Teen Service Week involved 50 youth and 20+ adult volunteers to put faith in action and give back to the community. Each day our teens focused on the Daily Examen and asked God to show them specific ways He is present to them.  Through the people they served, fellow youth and their own inner movement towards God, our teens are able to grow their relationship with Christ!

Our Lemon Aid Stand showed how many gallons of water refugees often have to carry for miles…We shared how the Jesuit Refugee Service helps those displaced from their homelands due to war and famine.

Where we served July 2017: McCreesh Place, Holy Angels, Salvation Army, Mecklenburg Creek Clean Up, Boys & Girls Club,  Ramp Build with Love Inc., and the Soup Kitchen at Ascension Lutheran Church and joining our Catholic youth at Our Lady of Consolation Church at their summer camp.

Thanks to all the adult volunteers and our faithful staff!

Posted: May 21, 2014 / Categories: Faith Formation, Uncategorized
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