John F. Baldovin, SJ

A leading Jesuit liturgical scholar, Father John Baldovin, SJ, speaks with clarity and accuracy about the meaning of the church’s liturgy and the history of its development. Author of numerous books, including Bread of Life, Cup of Salvation, Fr. Baldovin will lead you through and into the prayer of our liturgy.

October 29 – Sunday 10:15 am in Biss Hall

Liturgical Prayer:  What do we need today?    
John Baldovin, SJ
Professor of Historical and Liturgical Theology at Boston College School of Theology and Ministry

Pope Francis says the liturgy is an action “for the people, but also of the people.” Father Baldovin shares Francis’ explanation that “liturgy is not so much about doctrine in some abstract sense but about putting Christian life into action. The Eucharist in particular is not so much an act of private piety as it is the formation of the people of God.”

from Five reasons Pope Francis embraces the Vatican II liturgy 


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