Habitat for Humanity

Thank you to all the St Peter volunteers who helped Dana build her own home.   Her family is doing well and enjoying home ownership.

Thank you to all volunteers at our St. Peter Build Day September 2016.habitat_3_924dana_924

All roof trusses up and in place on both houses, roof sheathing started on both as well and some windows installed in both! A beautiful day according to Mike Bonn, our site coordinator from St. Peter.  Thank you Deacon Jim for giving a very inspirational message to start the day. The food and beverages were delivered with care and much appreciated!

Habitat Charlotte strives for a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope. Read more about Habitat.

Habitat and Charlotte Church Partners – we have built 27 houses so far!

In 1999, ten, mostly downtown, churches got together to build a new Habitat home for a deserving family.   Each church brought talent and leadership to the group as we worked side by side during the Building on Faith Blitz week with Habitat each fall.  Several years we built 2 houses at the same time!  We were known as the Center City Church Partners.

As the years passed and the economy struggled, some churches felt it best to drop out as their resources were tapped- volunteer wise and finance wise. Churches from other parts of Charlotte joined with us so now 13 churches all around town make up the Charlotte Church Partners.  We no longer work the Blitz week but mostly on Saturdays starting in mid -September and going through early November.

Typically the build takes 12-13 days. Each church takes a day to be in charge of the site meaning they provide morning devotion and welcome, snacks and drinks (water and Gatorade) and lunch to all the volunteers on that one day.  All churches strive to get volunteers to the site every day we build in order to have enough workers. Habitat, along with our 3 construction leaders, provide the leadership for the task at hand while the church in charge handles the logistics of the day.

Poverty, according to the federal guidelines, is a family of four earning less than $23,850 per year before taxes.  Imagine pulling car payments, utilities, medical care and food for four people out of that amount of money, let alone a mortgage payment for the most modest of houses. This is where Central City Church Partners and Habitat for Humanity step in.
For more information contact August Strube augstr6131@yahoo.com  or Questions? Contact Volunteer Coordination team at volunteer@habitatcharlotte.org or 704.716.7077.

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Five Fast Facts About Habitat Charlotte:

    1. Habitat Charlotte was established in 1983 through the initiative of seven local churches.
    2. More than 1,450 low-income families have been served with affordable housing by Habitat Charlotte since then.
    3. Habitat homeowners purchase their homes with a no-interest monthly mortgage and 300 hours of their own sweat equity.
    4. Habitat Charlotte homeowners have paid a collective total of $12.8 million in property taxes since 1983.

Habitat Charlotte builds new houses with community volunteers, and also completes critical repairs to older, owner-occupied homes.