Kino Border Initiative

The Kino Border Initiative (KBI) is a binational collaboration: founding partners include the California Province of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuit Refugee Service/USA, and the Diocese of Tucson, along with the Mexican Province of the Society of Jesus, the Mexican-based Missionary Sisters of the Eucharist, and the Diocese of Nogales in the Mexican state of Sonora. With 17 staff members and droves of volunteers, the organization last year served around 47,000 meals and provided other hands-on assistance to approximately 8,500 migrants. Most recipients have been deported after either living in the U.S. or trying to enter the country without papers.  Fr. Sean Carroll, SJ, Executive Director of KBI, visited St Peter Catholic Church in June, 2017 to give an eyewitness account of the migrants’ conditions and needs.  During his visit here on the Feast of the Most Holy Body & Blood of Christ, Fr. Carroll reflected how the work of each person through KBI is an expression of being taken, blessed, broken and shared.  KBI labors with Christ in the work of reconciliation with humanity. This video explains how the mission began…

The KBI’s vision is to help make humane, just, workable migration between the U.S. and Mexico a reality.  The KBI was inaugurated in January of 2009 by six organizations from the United States and Mexico: The California Province of the Society of Jesus, Jesuit Refugee Service/USA, the Missionary Sisters of the Eucharist, the Mexican Province of the Society of Jesus, the Diocese of Tucson and the Archdiocese of Hermosillo.   Its mission is to promote US/Mexico border and immigration policies that affirm the dignity of the human person and a spirit of bi-national solidarity through:

  • Direct humanitarian assistance and accompaniment with migrants;
  • Social and pastoral education with communities on both sides of the border;
  • Participation in collaborative networks that engage in research and advocacy to transform local, regional, and national immigration policies.

Faith on the Border – Coming to the Aid of Deported Migrants
Read an interview with Jesuit Father Sean Carroll, exec. director of the Kino Border Initiative at this link
Many of those targeted for deportation by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE), have valid claims to humanitarian protection in the United States but lacked adequate legal representation or were fast tracked through legal proceedings without basic due process guarantees.  (see Jesuit Refugee Service/USA and U.S.-based Jesuit law schools involvement in advocating for legal representation of children in migration and asylum proceedings)

Jesuit Refugee Service produces videos to tell the stories at the Kino Border Initiative  -watch