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Jesuit Network Mobilizes in Defense of DACA and Dreamers Dream Act Bills
Senate: Dream Act of 2017 ( S. 1615 )
House of Representatives: ( HR3440 )
Legislation pertaining to DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) has taken on greater urgency this week. The Jesuits and  US Council of Catholic Bishops have asked Catholics to stand in support of those Dreamers.
 Jesuit News – Read the article
The “Take Action” link below takes you to the USCCB webpage that can streamline the process if you want to send a message that way.
The guide includes contact information below for our elected officials. Please note that Thom Tillis is a Catholic if that informs your message.


Prayer for the End of Racism in Our Communities

Across the nation, people from all backgrounds are confronting the destructive legacy wrought by generations of systemic and personal racial discrimination.  Join us in prayer for an end to bigotry and violence.  For more information on how put your faith into action, go to this link:

For an end to the violence perpetrated by harsh words, deadly weapons, or cold indifference. May our homes, our nation, and countries around the world become havens of peace, let us pray to the Lord.
For the grace to see every human being as a child of God, regardless of race, language or culture, let us pray to the Lord.
For the wisdom to receive the stories and experiences of those different from ourselves and to respond with respect, let us pray to the Lord.
For the strength to teach our children how to resolve differences non-violently and respectfully, and the courage to model it in our own behavior, let us pray to the Lord.
For our faith community, that we may celebrate and welcome the diverse faces of Christ in our worship, our ministries, and our leaders, let us pray to the Lord.
For our faith community, that we may respond boldly to the Holy Spirit’s call to act together to end violence and racism, let us pray to the Lord.
For healing and justice for all those who have experienced violence and racism, let us pray to the Lord.
For the protection of all police and first responders who risk their lives daily to ensure our safety; for fair and just policing that will promote peace and well being in all our neighborhoods, let us pray to the Lord.
For our public officials, that they will strive to work for fair education, adequate housing, and equal opportunities for employment for all, let us pray to the Lord.
For our parish, that we may cultivate welcome, extend hospitality, and encourage the participation of people of all cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds, let us pray to the Lord.

For the courage to have difficult conversations about racism, and for a better appreciation of how our words and actions – or even our silence – can impact our communities, let us pray to the Lord.
For solidarity in our global human family, that we may work together to protect those who are most vulnerable and most in need, let us pray to the Lord

Who we are…
St. Peter’s Social Justice Ministry is a faith-centered group which meets once a month to pray, study, plan and act.  Catholic Social Teaching educates us about the elements of Social Justice and helps us to identify issues for action for ourselves and the St. Peter’s community. We have focus areas that include Immigration/Refugee initiatives, Racial Justice and Dialogue, Shelter and Working to End Homelessness,  Youth Education in low-income neighborhoods.  We are informed through our relationship with Christ to make a difference in our community.For more information about the Social Justice Ministry, please contact Barbara Dellinger.

Operating Principles:  Please click here.