Ignatian Spirituality

Our Mission…
St. Peter’s Ignatian Spirituality Program has a simple mission—to help people develop  the spirituality of St. Ignatius. Our Program offers group and individual prayer and retreat experiences scheduled from September through May of each year. The events and parking are free.

We offer Meeting Christ in Prayer, and eight week encounter with prayer in both a small group setting and individual prayer commitment.  The heart of our Ignatian ministry is the presentation of seasonal retreats, open to all. Participants deepen their experience of Advent and Lent by attending a 3-hour Saturday retreat that combines a team-member-led reflection on the theme, a guided group meditation of imaginative contemplative prayer, private meditation and paired participant sharing. Retreats generally open or close with a Mass.

For those who wish to dig deeper, we offer small-group, guided retreats (two weeks for Advent and five weeks for Lent). Retreatants receive a booklet of scripture readings, commit to a half hour of daily prayer, and meet once a week as a group to share where God has shown up. We encourage the practice of journaling and use of the daily Examen.
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Seasonal Guided Retreats

ignatius_webpage_ImageOther Offerings
A team-led retreat experience that offers a wonderful introduction to the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.

[For Busy People]
The full Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius is a path to deep conversion and discipleship. Contact Fr. John Michalowski, SJ or Fr. Jim Bowler, SJ

This ministry is offered to those already on a spiritual path who desire a deeper relationship with God.
For more information on Directed Individual Retreats, the Spiritual Exercises or Spiritual Companionship, contact Allain Andry: aandry@rbh.com, Christine Pearson: christine@charlotte.twcbc.com or Joe Breen: joebreen62@aol.com.

St. Peter’s Ignatian Spirituality Team
St. Ignatius wrote his Spiritual Exercises as a layman and Ignatian Spirituality belongs to everyone.
St Peter’s Ignatian Spirituality Team is made up of members from our parish, with the guidance and participation of our Jesuit priests and pastor. Our team is led by Allain Andry.
Many of our team members have been trained in certified programs of Spiritual Direction at Jesuit-based Spirituality Centers including Fairfield University, Wernersville and The Charlotte Spirituality Center. And we engage in (and host) annual continuing education experiences in Ignatian Spirituality for our team.

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