Living Your Strengths

Journey with Your God-Given Gifts and Talents – A new program that blends the best of Spiritual Gifts and Living Your Strengths!

Your Spiritual Gifts are special abilities, which are to be used for the purpose of unifying the body of Christ and for the growth of
God’s Kingdom.  Spiritual Gifts are received through our baptism.  Living Your Strengths (LYS) helps you uncover and affirm your greatest God-given Talents to do the works of your Gifts. This workshop uses assessments, scripture and personal prayer time to form the ways to live more fully in your personal, parish and professional life.

Do you wonder why you love doing certain things and dislike others?  Are you looking for peace of mind, a better way to serve the community and live in harmony with others?

IHS LogoPurpose of Living Your Strengths Journey:

To initiate a process, with the help of others, to discover our God given talents and how they are operating in our lives.

To take steps toward recognizing and fulfilling a calling by becoming fully aware of the talents that God has given us—the ways in which we, as unique individuals, naturally think, feel, and behave.

To listen to God’s guidance and to develop our unique talents so they become strengths. We use Ignatian Spirituality methods to discern.

To understand and appreciate the talents of others’ and to see the importance of collaboration.

LYSParticpantGuideFacilitated in a small group, you will affirm how your innate talents enrich our parish, your family, friends, and workplace.
By taking part in a 6-session small group, our hope is that you can eventually share the benefits of your personal LYS encounter with other members of our parish.  LYS helps us see how to use our talents for growth and service.
If this session’s seats are filled, you can receive early notice of the next session offered –  please email and put “Living Your Strengths” in the subject line. St Peter’s LYS team is committed to offering the Journey to those seeking God’s calling in their lives.   Facilitator contact: Julie Glaser at  or Suzie Shermer


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