Tithing Committee

Mission Statement
  • St. Peter’s is a tithing parish community with 10% of its current income set aside for giving.
  • The purpose of the tithing committee, on behalf of the parish community is to discern the best allocation of resources towards charitable works and self-help causes to alleviate the conditions of poverty, powerlessness and injustice.
  • Causes to be considered for support can result from unsolicited requests, requests encouraged by a member of the committee, and/or the parish community.

Recipients of the parish’s tithing support can be local and/or international, and can include charity and causes for structural change through direct or indirect assistance, with an emphasis on the local community.

We are at the end of our 2015 – 2016 Fiscal Year and we have a tremendous tithing update to provide the Parish.  During the 2015 – 2016 Fiscal Year, St. Peter’s provided over $106,000 to deserving organizations within the Charlotte Community!

The Tithing Committee met to discuss disbursement of Q4 funds. Upon the advice of the Tithing committee, the parish awarded these grants:
$24,824.14 was available for tithing disbursement

The following organizations received support through our tithing efforts:

    • Urban Ministry Center = $3,100
    • Emergency Men’s Shelter = $3,100
    • McCreesh Place/Supportive Housing = $3,100
    • YMCA Women in Transition = $3,100
    • Loaves and Fishes = $1,500
    • Community Culinary School = $3,000
    • Pat’s Place = $2,500
    • Safe Alliance = $4,000
    • Friendship Trays = $1,000
    • Druid Hills School = $424.14

Thank you from the Parish, the Tithing Committee, and each of these worthy organizations for your generosity and continued support!

For more information regarding this committee, please contact the Finance Office at 704-332-2901 ext. 210.

To request funding, please complete the form below:

Tithing Application for Funding (Word format)
Tithing Application for Funding (PDF format)