Young Adult Ministry

Developing faith, fellowship, and community
among the young adults of St. Peter’s Church.

General Description:
The St. Peter’s Young Adult ministry is focused on developing the faith, fellowship and community among the young adults of the parish. The ministry is open to all young adults in their 20’s and 30’s.
Join our Meet Up Group – St. Peter’s Catholic Young Adult Ministry to learn more about upcoming events and meet other young adults. Click HERE for a link to the Meet Up Group.To visit Charlotte Catholic Young Adult Ministry – 20’s & 30’s, go here:

The main focus areas of the group:
Spiritual – Focusing on developing one’s spiritual being through self reflection, fellowship and prayer.
Community – Utilize our time, talent and treasure to share with others in and around St. Peter’s.
Social – Focusing on developing strong bonds of friendship and community.

All YAM events can be found by visiting our MeetUp page:
Contact:  Lindsey Westphal, email: