Angel Tree

6gr2tzu57paar4cplmrmubdmbbl.gifIf you were not able to get a tag, you can still participate!  Please consider giving a gift card for any amount from Walmart or Dollar Tree. Place it in an envelope marked "Angel Tree" - drop in the offertory basket at Mass, and we'll gift this to one of our neighbors.  Thank you for sharing the joy of Christmas!

This year, more than ever, families and those without housing need the good news of Christmas! We are serving families from Catholic Charities, Druid Hills Academy, the Sheriff's Re-Entry program for those previously incarcerated to re-join society, and men sheltered with Roof Above with basic items as they brace for the winter months.

2021 Schedule:
Tag on trees in Church Narthex and Benedict Hall beginning Nov. 20
Tag selection weeks:  Nov. 20/21 through Nov. 27/28 or until out of tags.
Gift Collection BEFORE Mass:  Dec. 4/5 through Dec. 11/12.   Collection volunteers: see instructions here
Sorting:  Dec. 13 and 14.
Delivery:  Dec. 15 & 16.

Special thanks to our pre-confirmation youth and adult volunteers for collecting your gifts before each Mass.
Thank you for any help you can provide! St. Peter Catholic Church is a generous community that builds God's kingdom on earth through a faith that does justice.