Bible Study

St. Peter Bible Study Group           

Topic: The Parables of Jesus

During Spring 2021 the St. Peter Bible Study Group will examine a selection of Jesus’ parables in the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke). We will read one or a few parables each session and then share our insights, impressions, and questions.

Time: Wednesday, 7:00-8:00 pm via Zoom

Location: Our own home!

Dates: January 20, February 3 & 24, March 17 & 24, April 7 & 21, May 5

You are cordially invited to join the conversation. To sign up or to receive more information, please contact Deacon Clarke Cochran at [email protected].



Presentation from January 26, 2020 Session 1: Old Testament Introduction  slides at this link

“Reading the Bible as a Catholic – And Making Sense of It” presented by Deacon Clarke E. Cochran and Professor Peter Judge, Department Chair, Philosophy & Religious Studies, Winthrop University

Part 1:  Reading the Bible part 1 Slides link       Handouts links  Bible Timeline  and   Fall Schedule

Part 2: Reading the Bible Part 2 Slides link        Handouts links  Bible Translations and  Bible Versions