Bible Study

Fall 2020
St. Peter Bible Study Group with Deacon Clarke Cochran 

Topic: Exodus

Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm beginning September 2 via Zoom.

St. Peter Bible Study resumes on September 2nd at a new time. We meet every other Wednesday evenings (7:00 pm) to give working persons an opportunity to participate.
Our topic is Exodus. We will follow the journey of God’s people begun in Genesis. Here, we find them slaves in Egypt. But God has not abandoned them. How will God call them, lead them, and respond to their failures? The Exodus of God’s people highlights themes of continuing importance: Liberation, Covenant, and Worship
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Presentation from January 26, 2020 Session 1: Old Testament Introduction slides at this link

If you attended the fall 2019 program, “Reading the Bible as a Catholic – And Making Sense of It” presented by Deacon Clarke E. Cochran and Professor Peter Judge, Department Chair, Philosophy & Religious Studies, Winthrop University

Part 1:  Reading the Bible part 1 Slides link       Handouts links  Bible Timeline  and   Fall Schedule

Part 2: Reading the Bible Part 2 Slides link        Handouts links  Bible Translations and  Bible Versions