Bible Study

Spring 2020
St. Peter Bible Study Group with Deacon Clarke Cochran 

Topic: The Book of Genesis

During Spring 2020 read Genesis. We let the text speak to us, and we respond. Our approach is to read a certain number of chapters for each week and then to share our insights, impressions and questions with each other.  To print a copy of the outline go to this link.

Genesis 1-4:  The Primeval History I

Genesis 6-9, 11-14:  The Primeval History II   

Genesis 15-19; 21:  Abraham & Covenant; Sarai/Sarah; Sarah/Hagar.  (location upstairs in Haughey Room)

Genesis 22-31:  Abraham & Isaac; Isaac & Rebekah; Jacob & Esau; Rachel & Leah

Genesis 32-35; 37-40:  Jacob & Esau; Jacob & his sons; Tamar & Judah; Joseph in Egypt

Genesis 41-50:  Joseph & his brothers: Israel in Egypt.

Presentation from January 26, 2020 Session 1: Old Testament Introduction slides at this link

If you attended the fall 2019 program, “Reading the Bible as a Catholic – And Making Sense of It” presented by Deacon Clarke E. Cochran and Professor Peter Judge, Department Chair, Philosophy & Religious Studies, Winthrop University

Part 1:  Reading the Bible part 1 Slides link       Handouts links  Bible Timeline  and   Fall Schedule

Part 2: Reading the Bible Part 2 Slides link        Handouts links  Bible Translations and  Bible Versions