Catholic Social teaching

“Can we Talk?  Overcoming Anger, Rudeness, and Divisions in Church and Public Life”   
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What are the deep roots of the partisan splits and increased anger and rudeness in American political life? Tensions with the Catholic Church have similar sources.

Deacon Clarke Cochran suggests ways of living with, and even overcoming, our deepest divisions. Consider how to engage in constructive dialogue with persons whose views challenge our own. This presentation includes interactive conversation about attendees’ own experiences, successes, and failures in conversation, as well as our hopes and dreams for Church and nation.


"Not Red, Not Blue: Catholics and Politics" video recording of the Zoom presentation 9/25/2020 by Deacon Clarke Cochran.
You might be surprised that the Catholic Church has a rich, full, and long-developed view of the relationship between our faith and our political life as citizens. In this election year, it is especially important to understand how Catholics can approach politics, public policy, and elections with integrity.    "Not Red and Not Blue: Catholics and Politics" Slides 


 “Catholic Social Teaching and American Political Life”. presented Feb. 2020
What does the Church say about voting? What does the Church say about Politics?
What does the Church say about wealth inequality?
About political parties? About health care policy?
          Overview of Catholic Social Teaching  Deacon Clarke and Fr. John
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Two Feet of Love in Action
          Consistent Ethic of Life  Fr. John and Deacon Clarke
Fr. John's Slides
Video link: Life and Dignity of the Human Person