To all of you who are on the journey towards Confirmation and full initiation into the Catholic Church, we are so glad that you have chosen to confirm your baptismal promises. Brief descriptions of the Confirmation process at St. Peter are below.  

First Year Confirmation Preparation is for students who would like to begin the Confirmation process.  At St. Peter this course is traditionally taken in 7th grade. This preparation year includes traditional academic work and scripture reflection. First Year Confirmation Preparation provides an overview of scripture and Tradition that prepares students to renew their baptismal vows at Confirmation.  First year of confirmation is a required part of the Confirmation process.  Students enrolled in MACS are not required to complete this First Year Confirmaiton Preparation.

Confirmation Preparation is for students who have completed the First Year Confirmation Preparation or are 8th graders in the MACS system.The former superior general of the Jesuits, Pedro Arrupe, once said that the goal of Jesuit education was to form “men and women for others.” The goal of Confirmation is to provide the tools for your child to become a man or woman for others. To meet this goal, the year is spent learning about and putting into practice Ignatian spirituality. 

For questions and/or information about Confirmation, please contact the Faith Formation Office, 
Assistant Director of Religious Education Nathan Evangelisto or call us at 704-332-2901 ext 230.