Construction Traffic Patterns

Sidewalk and Street Lane Closures Duke Construction Project next to St. Peter:  

b43i270pwnwfwkxui8yhw5x610l.pngSouth College Street:  the sidewalk and closest traffic lane along the construction site are both closed.
From Stonewall, this is the left side of South College St.
Access to The Green parking garage is open.

Effective the Week of
December 2, 2019
South Tryon Street along the Duke Property line:  
S. Tryon street will become a
2 lane road (one lane going northbound and one south bound) from the corner of Stonewall and S. Tryon to the property line of the Duke project next to
St. Peter.
On the St Peter side of the street, the sidewalk and the 2 traffic lanes will be closed. A pedestrian tunnel will be built leading to St. Peter’s plaza.

On the Bechtler Museum side of the street, the Right traffic lane will become a Right turn only onto Levine Ave. of the Arts. The Left traffic lane will allow for through traffic along Tryon and a Left turn lane into the Green Parking Garage.

Please plan ahead for possible traffic congestion.
Thank you for your patience.