Diocesan Support Appeal (DSA)

The purpose of the Diocesan Support Appeal (DSA) is to help provide the annual funding necessary to carry out the mission of our diocese – namely to fulfill our call to “grow ever more perfectly into a community of praise, worship and witness, and to become a leaven of service and sign of peace through love in the Piedmont and Western North Carolina.” 

Our parish DSA assessment for 2021 is $ 195,024 and with your help, we can reach that goal. Once we reach our goal, funds over and above our target amount are returned to our parish.  

To offer your gift through e-Giving on WeShare, please follow this link. Choose a one-time payment or set-up automatic monthly installment payments using either your credit card or bank account information securely online.

You may choose to complete a pledge envelope and return it in the offertory basket at Mass or to the Parish Office. You can fill out he bottom stub on Fr. Shea's letter.

The DSA provides support for more than 20 services offered by Catholic Charities of Charlotte throughout our diocese. The theme of this year’s Diocesan Support Appeal (DSA) is “Love Thy Neighbor." Together in prayer, we thank God for all the gifts we have been given, as each of us recognizes our call to act with love and mercy. Please be generous to the Diocesan Support Appeal.

View Fr. Shea's message about our DSA assessment:



Last Year we surpassed our assessment collection. The overage is returned to our parish.

2020 DSA Update

2020 DSA Assessment                                    ($179,795.00)

Assessment Paid                                                  195,191.30

2020 DSA Overage                                           $   15,216.30

The overage funds will be disbursed at the end of our 3rd Quarter 2021 to local charities after the Tithing Committee reviews all grant requests.  Thank You for your stewardship!