Dove's Nest for Women

The Dove's Nest, a subsidiary of The Charlotte Rescue Mission, is a program-based facility that provides a loving, and highly-structured Christian environment to help women understand and deal with the core issues of their alcohol and/or drug addiction. Their mission is to help women regain a sense of purpose, faith, spiritual relationship and instill in them the fortitude to win over their adversities with the intention of returning these women to their communities to become viable contributors.

Address: 2855 West Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28208
Phone: 704-332-3999


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Please take a moment to view this VIDEO about Dove's Nest.

Goals of the ministry:

a. To share one's time and talents.
b. To provide companionship.
c. To inspire growth and independence.

Volunteer Opportunities:

1. Prayer Partner
2. Food Fairy
3. Gatekeeper (receptionist)
4. Style Specialist
5. Super Skillz
6. Database Dynomite
7. Fitness Fanatic
8. Pamper Princess

1. Prayer Partner

Description: The volunteer commits to praying regularly for the Dove’s Nest, its staff, residents and urgent needs. Volunteer will receive monthly update on prayer requests via email and is invited to attend a monthly prayer group held in Noah’s Ark on the first Wednesday of every month from 12pm – 1pm.
Commitment Level: No minimum requirement.

2. Food Fairy (cook / donate meals)

Description: The volunteer or volunteer group will donate a meal to serve residents. Specific time slots can be secured through the Volunteer Coordinator. Please see volunteer handbook for details.
Commitment Level: At least once per month, for 12 months.

3. Gatekeeper (receptionist)

Description: The volunteer will answer phone calls, page staff, greet visitors and volunteers, manage volunteer log, and accept donations.
Commitment Level: Ideally, a regularly scheduled volunteer that can commit to a specific day and time.

4. Style Specialist (donations organization)

Description: The volunteer is to sort and categorize new clothing items in the Donations Boutique.
Commitment Level: No minimum requirement.

5. Super Skillz (activities & life skills)

Description: The volunteer must have the ability to teach or instruct a specific life skill or activity. Volunteer must possess ability to teach specific subject and provide needed materials. Examples include instruction in finances, nutrition, and coupons. Also includes craft activities such as painting, pottery, and bead making. Volunteer may brainstorm additional activity ideas with Volunteer Coordinator.
Commitment Level: At least once every 3 months.

6. Database Dynomite (database entry / administration)

Description: The volunteer will input volunteer tracking information, confirm scheduled volunteer service activities, address and send thank-you letters. (requires training from Volunteer Coordinator
Commitment Level: Ideally, a regularly scheduled volunteer that can commit to bi-monthly scheduled volunteer times.

7. Fitness Fanatic (group exercise instructor)

Description: The volunteer will lead residents in a group fitness activity. Volunteer must have applicable certifications and experience teaching group exercise classes.
Commitment Level: At least once every 3 months.

8. Pamper Princess (salon & spa services)

Job Description: The volunteer will perform salon and spa services such as manicures, haircuts, yoga classes and massages.
Commitment Level: At least once every 3 months.