Ignatian Year 500

"To see all things new in Christ."

On May 20, 2021, the Society of Jesus and the Ignatian family will begin the worldwide celebration of the Ignatian Year. On that day, 500 years ago, St Ignatius was wounded by a cannonball while defending Pamplona. For him, it was a major failure and a change of plans in what he envisioned for his future, full of riches and worldly exploits. However, this failure started a process of conversion, which led Ignatius to have bigger dreams, no longer centered on himself, but rather on God. It helped St. Ignatius to see all things new in Christ.

Jesuit Father General, Arturo Sosa, shares "Walking with Igntaius" video messages:

Ep. 1 https://youtu.be/tVenA_TZLKs  (2:21)

Ep. 2  https://youtu.be/LnTZeGyOZBA (2:14)

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  • Watch this video from Pope Francis, reflecting on, as the pope says, "our lifestyle, especially during these moments of health, social and environmental crisis.”
  • Pray with this ecological examen, considering your personal relationship with creation.


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The Ignatian Year is an invitation to see all things new in Christ. That’s why we invited members of the Ignatian family from across the United States and Canada to reflect on important moments throughout the year, moments when they encounter Christ anew — and to share the fruits of those reflections in our new e-book, “Christ Plays in 10,000 Places.”
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Today, enjoy a few moments of quiet reflection with this video version of St. Peter Faber’s “Prayer of Desire to Sense Christ’s Presence,”  from  Jon M. Sweeney’s book, Peter Faber: A Saint for Turbulent Times.


The Pope's Video August 2021 -  A Church On the Way!


What's the logo mean?   The logo presents in Latin the name of the Founder of the Society of Jesus, “Ignatius”. The cross is visible in the center of the word. The S at the end of the name doubles as the figure 5 at the beginning of the number 500. The Ignatian Year was officially announced by Fr. General Arturo Sosa SJ as celebration to commemorate 500 years since the conversion of St Ignatius in 2021 and 400 years since the canonisation of St Ignatius and St Francis Xavier in 2022. The theme of the Ignatian Year celebration is:
“To see all things new in Christ”
. The Ignatian Year has a theme song, “La Herida,” or, “The Wound.” Click through to read the full article The Wound – Song, which appeared first on Ignatian Spirituality. Composed by Cristóbal Fones, SJ, with lyrics by José María Rodríguez Olaizola, SJ.


We’ve put together a calendar of Ignatian articles and more for you to be inspired daily by St. Ignatius’s story and influence. 


What the conversion of St. Ignatius can teach us 500 years later
by Jean Luc Enyegue, S.J.
..." The appeal of this conversion today is that when confronted with a hopeless situation, Ignatius created greater intimacy with God. As he renewed his relationship with God, he was able to refocus his unsettled existence. Ignatius put God at the center of his life. He could look at the world not with fear, but with hope and the desire to set it on fire with the love of Christ."

While the Ignatian Year recalls first of all the conversion experience of Ignatius, which began on 20 May 1521 in Pamplona, it will also include the 400th anniversary of the canonisation of Ignatius and Francis Xavier, which will be celebrated on 12 March 2022. See this article from the Sanctuary of St. Francis Xavier, in Javier Spain. https://www.jesuits.global/2021/05/19/francis-xavier-also-had-his-own-path-of-conversion/

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Guided by the theme of the Ignatian year, "To see all things new in Christ", the Society of Jesus hopes to encourage everyone to draw inspiration from the example of St. Ignatius and his inner struggle to conversion which led him to a close familiarity with God. This familiarity, in turn, led him to find God in all things and to see all things new in Christ.

Father General Arturo Sosa, SJ says that we celebrate this year to remind us of the daily opportunity to experience a new conversion and to live a transforming experience. It is a call to allow the Lord to reveal to us a new enthusiasm, interior and apostolic, a new life, new ways of following Christ.

Click through to read the full article May, 1521: Pamplona and Loyola, which appeared first on Ignatian Spirituality.

More about this Ignatian Yearhttps://www.jesuits.org/spirituality/ignatian-year/

Video of Ignatius' story in less than 10 minutes!  Ignatius of Loyola – Finding God In All Things


Ignatian Year e-Magis newsletter and the following resources from IgnatianSpirituality.com

William Barry, SJ: Life, Legacy, and the Ignatian Year
Kick off the Ignatian Year at a virtual roundtable discussion exploring Fr. Barry’s legacy and influence.

The Ignatian Way for the Ignatian Year
Learn about the elements of Ignatian spirituality through our new video e-mail series. Each week’s message will include a link to one of the Ignatian Way videos, along with related content for further exploration of the themes.

Taking the Ignatius Challenge
Step back, be aware of what is moving inside, and discern how to spend time in a way that is modeled by Ignatius.

Want to pray the Bible the Ignatian way?  See this:  https://youtu.be/8NS8W3xZeyo

This Ignatian Year is an opportunity to learn, share and grow in our life with Christ. Throughout the year, we will be sharing new resources, highlighting exciting initiatives and lifting up voices from across the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States — and, in fact, the world.
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Watch this fascinating interview with Fr. Arturo Sosa, S.J., the Superior General of the Society of Jesus about the mission of the Jesuits, his relationship iwth Pope Francis,

and our partnership with the Jesuits in this Ignatian Year and going forward: https://youtu.be/lseB8C5hw6w