Liturgical Ministers

We are blessed with being a Jesuit parish that offers heartfelt worship. 

Current Liturgical Ministers Schedule link 

See this link for a full description of Liturgical Ministries

If you would like to reach a member of the Liturgy Commission, please send a message to [email protected]

Dan Miller  (Liturgy Commission Chair)
Altar Servers:  Devin Soden Evers 
Altar Linens:  Beth Cieri
Eucharistic Ministers:
  Josh Farnsworth    

Eucharistic Ministers for the Sick and Homebound:  Geof Chapman
Lectors:  Joey Alexander
Liturgical Environment:  Jeremy Needham
Ushers:  Dan Maloney
Weekday Sacristans:  Don Allen
Music Director:  Bill Rainey
Sacristans and Crossbearers: 

We welcome you to use your talents and time towards the joyful and reverent celebration of the Sacraments in liturgy. 
If you are interested in serving as a Liturgical Minister, please complete this online form below:

The Sunday Web Site  prepares priests, deacons, readers, musicians and also the congregation to celebrate and enact Sunday’s Mass. 
The offerings are very rich:

  • Reflections each week on the specific readings
  • A simple overview of the readings and their interconnections
  • Spirituality contained in them
  • The cultural context of the Gospel
  • The perspective of Justice
  • In-depth analysis of each scripture passage
  • Prayers based on each reading
  • Sample general intercessions
  • Examples of music from parishes across the nation for that particular day
  • Excellent reflections by college students
  • Sample questions for discussion groups