Liturgical Ministers

We are blessed with being a Jesuit parish that offers heartfelt worship. 

Current Liturgical Ministers Schedule link 

If you would like to reach a member of the Liturgy Commission, please send a message to: [email protected]

Rick HudsonLiturgy Commission Chair)
Altar Servers:  Devin Soden Evers 
Eucharistic Ministers: Dan Miller
Eucharistic Ministers for the Sick and Homebound: Joe Breen
Lectors:  Joey Alexander
Linens:  Beth Cieri
Liturgical Environment:  Jeremy Needham
Liturgical Servers Scheduler:  Chris Churchill
Sacristans and Crossbearers: Barbara Gaddy
Ushers: Layne McGuire
Weekday Sacristans:  Glen McLaughlin
Music Director- Bill Rainey

The Sunday Web Site prepares priests, deacons, readers, musicians and also the congregation to celebrate and enact Sunday’s Mass. 
The offerings are very rich:

  • Reflections each week on the specific readings
  • A simple overview of the readings and their interconnections
  • Spirituality contained in them
  • The cultural context of the Gospel
  • The perspective of Justice
  • In-depth analysis of each scripture passage
  • Prayers based on each reading
  • Sample general intercessions
  • Examples of music from parishes across the nation for that particular day
  • Excellent reflections by college students
  • Sample questions for discussion groups

We welcome you to use your talents and time towards the joyful and reverent celebration of the Sacraments in liturgy. 
If you are interested in serving as a Liturgical Minister, please complete this online form below: