MACS Parish Participation Voucher information

To St. Peter Parishioners:

Thank you for recognizing the importance of passing on and celebrating our Catholic faith with your child. St. Peter Church is ready to support you through the Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools (MACS) Parish Participation Subsidy Voucher for your family.  

Because the tuition subsidy represents a significant financial commitment for the parish, St. Peter has a responsibility to ensure that each family benefiting from reduced tuition is actively engaged in our parish community.

To be eligible to receive the reduced tuition, a family must be a “Participating Catholic.” If a family meets each of the six participation criteria, it will be eligible to receive the Participating Catholic tuition rate which provides reduced tuition of at least 30% from MACS’s published tuition for non-Participating Catholics.

To qualify for the Participating Catholic tuition rate at St. Peter Church, the following requirements must be met:

  1. A family must be registered at St. Peter for at least six months before requesting a Parish Participation Voucher from the parish office.
  2. Each student seeking the Participating Catholic tuition rate must be baptized as a Catholic.
  3. During a sacrament year, a student must participate in an appropriate sacrament preparation class at St. Peter.
  4. Each family, including each student benefiting from a tuition reduction, must participate regularly in the Sunday Mass.
  5. Each family must, if able, financially support St. Peter in excess of the subsidy for each student in the family who attends MACS and receives reduced tuition.
  6. Each family must participate in parish ministries and activities by sharing their time, talent and treasure.

Families who fulfill the criteria as a Participating Catholic receive a tuition reduction per student between $4,848 and $5,455.  Specifically, the discounts are as follows:

Tuition 2022-2023 Rates


Middle School

High School





Participating Catholic

$  7,915

$  8,882


Tuition Reduction

$  4,848

$  4,884

$  5,455

For the 2022-2023 school year, the Charlotte Diocese has assessed St. Peter $268,428 to support families with children enrolled in MACS. This assessed subsidy is 14% of our annual budget, which is paid from St. Peter’s general operating funds. This year St. Peter has been assessed over $1,200.00 per student, whose family is active in our parish.

If a family is able to meet each of the six criteria and has completed the MACS application process, they may then submit a MACS Parish Participation Voucher to St. Peter. Upon receipt of the request, St. Peter will then confirm the family’s participation status. Once participation is confirmed, the requested voucher will be completed. 

If St. Peter has any questions regarding your voucher request, someone from the parish office will contact your family.

God bless,

Fr. Tim Stephens, SJ