Mission & Vision

Our Mission:  As a Catholic Jesuit parish in Charlotte's Center City, we are animated by the spirit of St. Ignatius and welcome all to share in the joy of the Gospel and to come to know, love and serve God and one another.

Our Vision:
  Stronger Together — We are a joyful, supportive, engaged and connected parish community.

  Go Deeper — Parishioners have the tools to go deeper spiritually and are grounded in an Ignatian foundation and aware of a God who is trying to be   known to them.

  Go Forth — United through our Ignatian spirituality, we lead and serve others in all our communities of engagement.

  Thriving Foundation — Our parish structure is well-organized and resourced to be responsive and support our mission.

The Strategic Planning Team established three main strategies to help us navigate barriers to achieving our vision:

Create a culture of discernment.
Through prayerful and deliberate reflection and examination of all issues, we can make the best choices as a parish to move us toward our vision.

Intentionally build a collaborative parish.
By increasing interaction and connectedness among groups, ministries and staff, we create a supportive, joyful community, engaged in a holistic experience as the body of Christ.

Become a more effective organization to support our mission.
Clearly define our structure and processes with well-developed and documented roles, responsibilities and processes, in order to become more focused and to maximize our efforts in support of a large parish.