Mothers Well

St. Peter Catholic Moms Ministry
Mothers Well is a ministry run by and for women in the throws of motherhood. By growing a sense of connection and community, Mothers Well serves to provide a network of support for women navigating the various stages of motherhood as they balance the many roles and expectations imposed by society and peers. The group will help mothers fill their cup so that they can better steward their families, by providing fellowship, community, and opportunities for discernment.


Aligning our ministry activities during the school year, we invite St Peter moms to join a small group for prayerful support, simple book studies, and a landing place for sharing connection around motherhood. Individuals will be randomly assigned to small groups, a group moderator will be identified, and groups will begin meeting every other Monday night from mid Sept to mid May. Chelsey Bartholet will provide some direction and material for the groups to utilize, but their function and success will also depend on the moderator and participants. While each small group MAY opt for an outdoor/socially-distanced meeting option, they would also be expected to always host the meeting virtually so any or all members of the small group may chose that safe option. If you ARE interested in being assigned to a small group please notify me no later than Aug 31.
Email Chelsey Bartholet>>
  or call 704-577-0480.

You can also request to join our Facebook group to stay up-to-date on meetings and events -at this link-
or search for Mothers Well - St. Peter Catholic Moms Ministry.  Join fellow mom parishioners and friends for a two-part series "Choose Joy This Lent", led by members of St Peter's Ignatian Spirituality Team.

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