Mothers Well

St. Peter Catholic Moms Ministry

Mothers Well Catholic Moms Ministry  
Join us starting October 2 for First Sunday Gatherings at 7:30 PM in Benedict Hall.
St [email protected].  

Mothers Well is a ministry run by and for women in the throes of motherhood. By growing a sense of connection and community, Mothers Well serves to provide a network of support for women navigating the various stages of motherhood as they balance the many roles and expectations imposed by society and peers. The group will help mothers fill their cup so that they can better steward their families, by providing fellowship, community, and opportunities for discernment.

You can request to join our Facebook group to stay up-to-date on meetings and events -at this link-
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Aligning our ministry activities during the school year, we invite St Peter moms to join a small group for prayerful support, simple book studies, and a landing place for sharing connection around motherhood. 
Contact us at [email protected]