Racial Justice

Fr. Shea suggests we revisit these timely Kennedy lectures held at St. Peter:

VIDEO of Bishop George Murry, SJ at St. Peter 2018 Kennedy Lecture "The Times demand it, the Gospel demands  it: Confronting the Sins of Racism"   (Bishop Murry died on June 5, 2020 of leukemia-May he rest in peace).


 VIDEO of Fr. Greg Boyle, SJ  at St Peter 2017 Kennedy Lecture on kinship


Jeffery Robinson, the ACLU’s top racial justice expert, discusses the dark history of Confederate symbols across the country and outlines what we can do to learn from our past and combat systemic racism   Click on this video link to view "The Truth About the Confederacy in the United States"


Prayer to End Racism>>

Dear Lord,
You ask so little of us: to be just and kind and to follow you. Let those simple commands be my guide today and every day, so that one day I may not only do justice but recognize and oppose injustice. I pray that one day my kindness will be a gift to someone suffering because his or her own heart is closed. And most of all, Lord, I pray that people will recognize me as your follower by the way I live my life.
Let me begin today to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with you, my God. Amen.      —The Jesuit Prayer team