Room in the Inn

jtks6svpfys0dcmmiq2p46orpal.jpgSince 1997, members of the parish have provided dinner, breakfast, showers, conversation and a warm place to sleep for our neighbors, homeless men, each Tuesday evening during the months of December through March. This is a ministry that supports the Roof Above of Charlotte. 

Our RITI season begins December 6, at St. Peter Biss Hall.  This will be another covid year and Roof Above (Charlotte Urban Ministry) requires that we wear masks and provide social distancing for the protection of our neighbors and our volunteers.  Our Team Leaders (listed below) have been participating in Zoom meetings and contacting members to confirm availability. 

We have a two New Teams; “Liturgy Ministry” and “20 - 30 Ministry” scheduled to serve in the coming weeks.  We are also supported by: “St Peter Men’s Group” sleepover; “20 - 30 Ministry” driving neighbors from Urban Ministry Center and “St. Peter Roosters” - Ted Peters to assist with morning clean up and organization.

Father Tim and his staff have also been supporting our Ministry with facilities, planning and organizing so our teams can be assured the parish is ready for our weekly service to the less fortunate men in our community.

Many Thanks! To the “Angel Tree Ministry” and to your continued generosity in providing clothing for the winter season.

Team Leaders: Barbara Loughlin, Order of Malta;  Lauren Cranford Team;  Mary Clair Wall Team;  Dan Miller, Liturgy Ministry;  Carmen San Juan, Faith Formation;  Carmel Urban Team;  Celeste Shuback Team;  Maria Caicedo and Guillermo Gomez, social Justice Ministry;   Zach Surber Jessica Primerano, 20 - 30 Ministry;   Michael Horn, Sam Yassine, Doneata Grisdale, RCIA;  Matthew Springman, Parish Council & Finance Team;  Nathan Evangelisto, Carmen San Juan, Confirmation Team;  Sophie & Pam Tan Team.

(If you have not been contacted to serve and wish to please contact Jane O’Donoghue at ([email protected])

Thank you to all our volunteers and support from the community of St. Peter.  
Co-chairs: Glen McLaughlin or Jody Dawson

Short video on our Room in the Inn ministry>  

Glen McLaughlin asks for "roosters" - early volunteers on Wed. mornings who can help with breakfast & mattresses.

Jody Dawson, co-chair St Peter Room in the Inn

Lauren Cranford, UMC & St Peter parishioner, answers questions from volunteers.

Ashley Brown, Director of Room in the Inn, UMC

Team Leaders coordinate the following volunteer roles:

  • Overnight hosts to stay through the night with our friends from 8:00 pm Tuesday to 6:00 am Wednesday (once or twice in the December thru March time frame).
  • Volunteer to assist with the Biss Hall set up from 5:00 - 8:00 pm (air mattresses, linens, towels, toiletries, table settings, dinner meal, etc.).
  • Volunteer to pick up our guests at Urban Ministry before 6pm Tuesdays.
  • Volunteer to make lunches or cook for the dinner meal.  Please stay for the meal and get to know our guests.
  • Volunteer to help overnight team on Wednesday mornings- coffee, breakfast, clean up, 

Ministry leads:
Glen McLaughlin and Jody Dawson 

Read the Summary Report of the 2022 Season here

Click here to download a PDF of this "Examen for Encountering One Who is Homeless".