St Peter Charitable Giving

St. Peter Catholic Church is a tithing parish community with 10% of its current income set aside for charitable giving. 
The Core Organizations. There are three standard organizations that the Tithing Committee supports each quarter:
1. Supportive Housing Communities (McCreesh Place)
2. Roof Above (merged Urban Ministry Center and Men’s Shelter of Charlotte) 
3. YWCA Women in Transition

The Tithing Committee met to discuss disbursement of the 4th Quarter charitable funds. The following organizations received support through our tithing efforts: 

Total 4th Quarter Disbursement  $40,987.64
Key 3:
Supportive Housing (McCreesh Place)
Roof Above
YWCA Women in Transition

         Changed Choices Inc. 
         Thompson Child & Family Focus (A Child’s Place)

To request funding, please complete the form below:

Please return the completed form and attachments to [email protected]

Charitable Giving Report for Fiscal Year 2021>>

Thank you from the Parish, the Tithing Committee, and each of these worthy organizations for your generosity and continued support!  For more information regarding this committee, please contact the Finance Office 704.332.2901 ext. 210   

Printable Tithing Committee Guidelines   8.2.18>>