St. Peter Sages

A new continuing parish ministry, St. Peter Sages, is for those parish members who are growing older and centers on spirituality, service, and social activities aimed specifically at the senior stages in life. All adults in the parish who are growing older are invited to join. Registration for events will be posted, but space is limited at events.  If you would like to be on our email list or have any questions, please contact [email protected]


Dear Senior Sages of St. Peter,

I am grateful to Louise Rice and Susan Long for the invitation to offer a reflection.  I miss you.  I miss greeting you in front of the church before and after Mass.  I miss celebrating Sunday Mass with you in a packed church.  I miss reflecting with you on the Sunday scripture, and placing the Eucharist in your open hand with the words “The Body of Christ”.  I miss hearing your “Amen” affirming our realization that this bread and wine is really the Body of Christ, and that you and I are also really the Body of Christ.

I know you are reaching out to each other in many ways during these anxious and isolating days.  Thank you so much for helping us stay connected.  Connecting with each other these days helps us feel more connected with God.  I know you are taking advantage of the videos and resources on our website.  I am also grateful for your supportive notes and for your continued financial support of St. Peter, especially through our electronic giving, WeShare.

You serve St. Peter in so many ways, and you participate in our ministry to area organizations providing food and shelter to those in need.  With fewer opportunities to serve actively these days, we may be called to a deeper ministry of prayer.  I am increasingly aware that the heart of my ministry as pastor is a ministry of prayer for our parish.

We Jesuits are an active order.  We’re not monks.  Jesuits always have a mission, renewed or changed each year by the Provincial.  When a Jesuit can no longer work full-time because of age or infirmity, he is often assigned the mission to “Pray for the People of God, and the needs of the Society of Jesus.”  I suggest that during this time of sheltering at home, you and I might embrace more fully a ministry of prayer for the People of God and for the people of St. Peter.  I know you all pray and we may have more time to pray these days.  Let us commit to pray for one another, for the sick, the grieving, those who serve the sick and our spiritual and civic leaders.

May Christ console you all this Easter.



Winter 2020 event: Dr. Lyndall Hare
The Gifts of “Eldering”: Going Deeper

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Our most recent Sages events featured guest speaker Dr. Lyndall Hare, Charlotte-based gerontologist, who shared her expertise in the GIFT OF ELDERING: GROWING INTO SAGE-ING.  Dr. Hare gave several suggestions that are included here in her presentation: 

Link to Dr. Lyndall Hare's Slides "Gifts of Eldering"

Resource links from Dr. Hare's presentation:
The Purpose Prize: 

The Elders

Example of an Ethical Will   

More than 100 people attended the interactive gatherings to consider how to grow in elder years.

Link to full PHOTO GALLERY from 9/28/19




Our first meeting on January 12, 2019 with special guest speaker Fr. Harry Geib, SJ presenting “Aging and Spirituality.”  

Sages Steering Committee Joe Breen, Tony Bucci and Louise Rice with guest Fr. Harry Geib, SJ.

Overview from the January 12 event: “Aging and Spirituality”   

      1. Realities and Challenges of Aging.
      2. Positive Aging in the second half of life.
      3. Confidence in God’s love for us.

Fr. Harry has worked extensively in campus ministry and health care.  He holds degrees in Gerontology, Divinity and Social Work.  Fr. Harry served as Assistant to the Provincial for Healthcare of Jesuits and is currently the superior of Colombiére Jesuit Residence, an assisted living community for Jesuits in Baltimore.