Staff Member: Kay Turner

Staff Member: Kay Turner

Kay Turner

Database Management Assistant
Phone: 704 332 2901 ext. 217
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I was born and raised in Connecticut; studied there and taught French and Spanish, followed by a few years as a guidance counselor. Not satisfied in education, I became a computer programmer (a VERY fun job!!) and found my way to Charlotte in 1983 working for one of the two major banks in town. I found St. Peter’s in 1994 and have been here ever since, except for periods of time back in CT (2007 – 2008 & 2016 – 2021). During 2016 – 2021, I had the privilege of walking with my mother as she made her way up the long mountain climb to heaven.

My philosophy of life is: Always pay attention! You might find God in that butterfly floating by, that bird’s song, or in that person you pass by in the park. Remember that a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet. Spread joy wherever go. Be like Snoopy strewing flower petals as you dance along the road of life! EN – JOY!

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