“For a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation, and Mission”    
Synodality indicates walking together and listening to one another but above all to the Holy Spirit. To deepen this essential characteristic of the Church, the upcoming synod is unlike any previous one. It starts with, and involves all the faithful at local Churches across the world, promising to listen to all, especially to laypeople.
That is why this Synod is a 2-year process, starting from October 10, 2021, to October 2023. 


The Diocese of Charlotte Synod Synthesis Report

Pope Francis says that the synodal process of encounter, listening, and reflection help the People of God, the Church, to recognize at least three opportunities: 

First, the process builds a structure of a "synodal Church", where all can feel at home and participate. 

Second, the Synod offers us the opportunity to become a listening Church, to break out of our routine in order to stop and listen, firstly to the Spirit in adoration and prayer, and then to our brothers and sisters, their hopes, the crises of faith around the world, the need for renewed pastoral life

Third, keeping in mind that God’s style is one of closeness, compassion and tenderness, the Pope said the Synod is also an occasion for the People of God to become a Church of closeness ..."bandaging wounds and healing broken hearts with the balm of God". Mission is the apostolic commitment to the world of today.

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